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Florence, Alabama
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Dog Training

The following dogs have excelled at NSTRA field trials, where a handler and his dog compete against another handler and their dog  in 30 minute braces. Dogs try to find the most birds, and are scored on style on point and back, quickness of retrieves, thoroughness of search, and obedience. NSTRA is a lot of fun, check it out at                                                                                                                                                            

Champion dogs all trained

at Tash Kennels


4X NSTRA CH Tash's Southern  June

2015 Mid-South Regional Champion 

2015 Mid-South Region High-Point Dog (tie)

2014 Mid-South Regional Champion R/U

2013 Mid-South Regional Champion 

2013 Mid-South Region High-Point R/U

2012 Mid-South Regional Champion 

2011 Mid-South Region High-Point Dog  

Chuck Tash, Florence, AL, Owner

June Bred and Trained at Tash Kennels


 6X NSTRA CH Clayton's Micro-Tequila Watson

2015 Dog Of The Year Champion (192 dogs entered)

 2015 Florida Region High Point Dog

 2015 Florida Regional Champion

 2014 Trial of Champions Winner (108 dogs entered)

2014 Dog Of The Year Final Four (192 dogs entered)

Amo, IN

2014 Purina Top Performance Top 10

2014 Florida Region High Point Dog R/U

Handler: Clayton Ashmore

Owners: Sharon Watson, Bartow, FL & Clayton Ashmore, Dover,FL


NSTRA CH LLano's Hot Attack

 2015 Gulf Coast Region High Point Dog

 2015 Gulf Coast Regional Champion

Owner and Handler: Scott Thomas, San Antonio, TX


 2X NSTRA CH Tash's One Eyed Jack

2014 Mid-South Region High-Point Dog

Wes Hallman, Blountsville, AL, Owner

LJ Bred and Trained at Tash Kennels


Littermates Sweep Trial

On November 24, 2012 at the Pond Field Trial Grounds, these three littermates at 19 months old out of Southern Pride Mo Money, and Tash's Alice placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  (L to R: L. J. and Chuck Tash, Packer and Mike Grissom, Jeb and Steve Jaspering) Pups were breed and trained at Tash Kennels.

3X  NSTRA CH Kickapoo Jack's Ranger

2014 Quail Invitational Final Four (128 dogs entered)

Lake Wales, FL

2013 Indiana Regional Champion R/U

Owner and Handler: Roger Parient, Lizton, IN


4X NSTRA CH Weathered Stone's Shure Shot

2013 Purina Endurance Classic - 2nd Runner Up (104 dogs entered)
Lewistown, MT

2014 Purina Top Performance 4th place
Owner: Alan Higham
Handler: Cheryl Higham

Clown's Icing On The Cake

2011 Dog of the Year Champion (192 dogs entered)

Scotty Bruer, Indianapolis, IN, Owner


 NSTRA CH Kate's Big Shot

2014 South Carolina Regional Champion

Owner: Berkley White, Myrtle Beach, SC


 NSTRA CH Zeke's Dynamic Buck

2015 Gulf Coast R/U Regional Champion

2014 Gulf Coast Regional Champion

Owner: Bill Bohn, Austin, TX


2X NSTRA CH-Snake Island Navigator

Breed and trained at Tash Kennels

2013 Dixie Regional CH R/U

1st Runner-up: Quail Invitational 2012 (128 dogs entered)-Lake Wales, Florida 

3rd Place: Quail Invitational 2011 (114 dogs entered)-Lake Wales, Florida 

Owner/Handler:  Gary Drinnen, Knoxville, Tennessee


NSTRA CH-CC Southern Dancer

High-Point NSTRA Dog in NE, 2011 

Chad Collison, Pierce, NE, Owner

Dancer Bred and Trained at Tash Kennels


3X NSTRA Champion-Tash's Lulu

Winner-2003 National Quail Invitational Championship (126  dogs entered)
Bill Bohn, Austin, TX, Owner; Lulu Bred and Trained at Tash Kennels


10X NSTRA Champion-Split Creek's Medicine Man

2008 Purina Endurance CH  (64 dogs entered)

2006 Quail Invitational R/U CH (128 dogs entered) ,

2005 Trial of Champions R/U CH (162 dogs entered),           

 Owner: Gary Thompson, Greenville, SC


4X NSTRA Champion-Slick's Schatzi Springhund

   Winner-2009 Gulf Coast Regional CH   

Owner: Orin Ozias, Austin, TX 


5X NSTRA Champion-Magnum's Jaegerin Blitzhund

 Winner-2008 Gulf Coast Regional CH      

 Owner: Orin Ozias, Austin, TX


3X NSTRA CH-Three Oaks Tenacious Tanner

  Winner-2010 Gulf Coast Regional CH   

Owner: Scott Thomas, San Antonio, TX 






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